Basis on original theories of the Free Spirit Theory and Mirror Spirit Soulmate Typology and others.

Mirror Spirit Soulmate Typology in a nutshell:

The origin of Mirror Spirit Soulmate Typology comes from the descriptions of Twin Flames. I found that some parts of the Twin Flame beliefs rang true loud and clear, but some felt false from day one that I read them, including the claim that all people who have found their Twin Flame are in their last incarnation on planet Earth, and that they have just now met their Twin Flame for the first time. This, to me, sounded like such foolishness that it couldn't be true, for two reasons; I knew I had met "my Twin Flame", and that this wasn't the first time I'd met him, I knew him from a past life time as surely as I knew my name. Secondly, I was certain that there was NO WAY me or all of the people who I talked to about Twin Flames were anywhere near leaving the planet, and I still knew they knew what Twin Flames were about. They knew, but they weren't, any more than I was, examples of pure enlightenment or spiritual evolution in perfection.

As I dwelved deeper into my supposed Twin Flame connection, I soon found out that signs that I thought were exclusive to Twin Flames, also applied to SOMEONE ELSE. So one of two things had to be true; I hadn't met my Twin Flame yet and normal soulmate relationships were Much More Intense than people gave them credit for, or we had a potential of having more than one Twin Flame each. I found the latter to be true, and also, that a lot of Twin Flame experts did not exaggerate the feelings we have for our Twin Flames, they seemed to be talking about a less intense connection entirely! So now I had a connection that felt MORE POWERFUL than some Twin Flame descriptions and also, there was more than one. If the Twin Flames that they were talking about were also less powerful than other connections, the logical answer was that these relationships would develop in time and through incarnations.

I concluded, that Twin Flames didn't originate from a split soul. This assumption had to be false for two reasons; First, I knew from personal experience that there was several, and secondly, if a soul can split in two, and in fact we are all splinters of God, then what would make one split more you than another split? Shouldn't we be just as drawn to ANYONE AT ALL if the theory of a split soul and split God was simultaneously in effect? So, at the very least, one of these two assumptions were false; we are not all splinters of God, or our Twin Flame connection originated from something other than a split soul.

A lot of the Twin Flame people also believed that the Twin Flame pair could be a child and a parent, which I thought was such a depressing thought, knowing that some people would be doomed to never find true romantic love for as long as they lived. That didn't sound like the plan of an all-knowing God to me, but who I was to say it couldn't be so. Luckily it wasn't.

Further I noticed that a lot of the Twin Flame students were not being helped by the knowledge of the Twin Flame experts were giving them, but in many ways they were getting more confused and got more anxious the more they knew. There had to be a reason, and that is where I started digging. I will share more of this process later, but you get the idea of how I got started.

The Twin Flame idea follows strictly the moral ideal of monogamy, which is a man-made ideal, and does not come from God. The reason why so many people were confused was because they had several equally strong, powerful connections to several people, and they could not, with all the information available, choose which one of their Twin Flame candidates was the real one. The reason being either that they hadn't yet met their Twin Flame or they had met several. Both explanations are possible, on case to case basis.

I also noticed that there is several different types of "Twin Flames" each with a different purpose or charasteristic, and these were repeating in people's stories and I was shown plenty of these lower connections just to give me the opportunity to put them under the microscope and understand why I can take one look at a man and know that he's bound to me in such ways that cannot be denied, mistaken or broken, and why I can meet someone so very compatible and know that this is not quite it for me...

Since my studies took me in such a new direction from Twin Flames, I decided it would be for the best to start calling them a new name and create a whole new way of identifying them. After several changes I have come to call them Mirror Spirits... and then Spirit Mirrors. :D

Roughly Spirit Mirrors are devided into the main groups of:

True Spirit Mirror (The perfect, full connection)
Dream Catcher Spirit Mirrors (The second tier True Mirror, everything is perfect except you want different things.)
Healing Spirit Mirrors (Temporary connection, with a purpose to heal one another)
Partial Spirit Mirrors (Everyone else, basically, with varying degrees of intensity)
Mirage Spirits (One-sided bond, where the other idolizes someone who barely notices them.)





I am currently working on building the skeleton of this site and theories - please be patient with me. I have SO MUCH STUFF to share, that I will need to think very carefully how and where I present it so I will be able to clarify things more than to confuse you all!


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